Experienced professionals and new young graduates frequently seek the opportunity to join Hoshanco Holding’s team. Perhaps this is due to what the company believes in – working with Hoshanco Holding means enjoying a unique corporate culture that encourages innovation and creates a positive attitude. This includes:
  • The company’s clear vision helps the employee to concentrate on achieving his business objectives.
  • The company does not offer a ‘job’ but a ‘career path’ that helps the employee to promote his career and acquire new skills, through practice and continuous training.
  • The company provides all its staff with the latest technological solutions, enabling them to keep up-to-date with recent business developments.
  • The working style within Hoshanco Holding is one that values the concept of teamwork. That does not mean neglecting the individual’s inner capabilities; rather it means combining them within the philosophy of the team.
  • Thanks to its powerful financial position, well-known products and its mutually beneficial relationship with all its customers, Hoshanco Holding enjoys a good reputation and is highly respected in the Saudi and Middle Eastern markets.
  • Hoshanco Holding is an international company with a significant presence in the Arabian Gulf and Middle Eastern countries, North & East Africa, North America and Europe.

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