We have three Subsidiaries

We have three Subsidiaries

1. Hosan Pan Gulf

Throughout the Middle East, especially in the Arabian Gulf area but also in North and East Africa, Hoshan Pan Gulf Company’s reputation is as one of the leading companies in the distribution of stationery, writing instruments, office & school supplies and art materials. It fulfills these activities through a network of local branches in all the areas mentioned above. The company is the representative of numerous international companies.

2. Asas Pan Gulf

Asas Pan Gulf was established in Riyadh in 2001. The company offers real estate services, applying quality concepts and standards to its investments. It also innovates and develops specific real estate projects. At the same time, the company acts both to promote Hoshanco Holding’s assets in Saudi Arabia and to utilize its resources to the maximum scale.

3. Hoshan Investment

The Investment Business Unit was established when Hoshanco Investment Company (‘HIC’) was created in 2001. Its objectives were three-fold. Firstly, it handles local private equity investments. Secondly, it evaluates and makes investments offshore in a range of asset classes, and finally it manages the financial affairs of the Hoshanco Group’s operating companies. Its area of operation covers Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf and other regional countries.

HPG, Moving Forward

HPG offers wide range of school and office supplies, stationary products from world’s renowned brands reaching more than 40 countries.
Hoshan Pan Gulf (HPG) is the largest stationary and office supplies distribution company in MENA region with head quarters in Riyadh – KSA and a regional distribution center in Dubai – UAE.
HPG’s reputation is one of the leading companies in the distribution of Stationery & Office Supplies, Document Packaging & Paper Products, Writing Instruments and Art & Craft products.
Our distribution converge spreads across the Middle East, Africa and the Commonwealth Independent States.
The large geographical spread with the efficient supply chain has enabled the group to work with professionalism which has made it one of the best distribution companies in the Middle East and Africa.

HPG Roles

To understand the work of manufacturers, to communicate the promise of their brands and to work closely with the resellers to deliver the product and service to the end users.

HPG Mission

We are a distribution company that delivers value to our stakeholders by creating competitive advantage.

HPG Brand Distribution

We are exclusive distributors offering different varieties from the world’s top brands to ensure high quality and diversity of products.

Regional Presence

We have the most advanced distribution setup in the below countries equipped with modern infrastructure connected with SAP Hanna Cloud.

Saudi Arabia, United, Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Morocco, Kenya

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