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Hoshan Investment – Hoshanco Holding

  The Investment Business Unit was established when Hoshanco Investment Company (‘HIC’) was created in 2001. Its objectives were three-fold. Firstly, it handles local private equity investments. Secondly, it evaluates and makes investments offshore in a range of asset classes, and finally it manages the financial affairs of the Hoshanco Group’s operating companies. Its area of operation covers Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf and other regional countries.

  HIC’s vision is to invest strategically and not opportunistically, and to focus on strategic growth and providing value to shareholders. Its mission is to maximize investor returns by nurturing growing businesses, giving the shareholders an opportunity to spread and reduce risk by investing in a venture.

  Our successful private equity model is based on deal-making and management incentive structures as the key drivers to value. HIC adds and protects value by having the right deal skills and proactive management expertise to give to portfolio companies. This is a key differentiator in a challenging marketplace, as it gives us the best opportunity to attract both capital and deal flow. HIC invests in traditional equity and fixed income products as well as alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds and private equity.

  HIC is an asset manager, with a Strategic business unit which provides the right balance of management and deal-making skills needed to manage our investments. The team carries out deal analyses and is skilled in finding and structuring. The company has private equity investments in Iraq, Morocco and Eastern Europe and publishes a quarterly newsletter (Scimitar Ventures) that analyzes various sectors in developing countries. Its Real Estate business unit focuses on managing the Saudi Arabian property portfolio, whilst the venture capital fund and ‘REIT’ fund opportunities.

  HIC invests where certain criteria are met. These include the preservation of capital and a balance of risk against exceptional returns; the company looks for these in GCC, edge and emerging markets, and includes MBOs and Leveraged Buy Outs, hedge funds and private equity.

  It gives priority to Trading, Service and Real Estate companies where the growth prospects are high, where the company’s service or product has a competitive edge and the management has the ability and experience to build the business rapidly

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