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History – Hoshanco Holding

From modest beginnings in Riyadh in 1964, the company’s founder – Sheikh Ahmad Bin Hamad Al-Hoshan – has pursued his personal vision of building a group of highly successful businesses.

Sheikh Ahmad Bin Hamad Al-Hoshan’s beginnings were ordinary; but his hopes and ambitions were extra-ordinary. As the Chinese proverb puts it, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ and the history of Hoshanco mirrors this.

Sheikh Ahmad’s energy and perseverance have helped to build and grow Hoshanco from a single construction company to a diversified conglomerate, market-leading group of companies that we see today. Hoshanco Holding now provides strategic direction and drives the performance of a portfolio of operating subsidiaries. six decades of steady and consistent work have given it unparalleled strength and depth of experience in the commercial arena.

 During the past 50+ years, the company’s geographic scope has broadened, both inside the Kingdom and throughout the region. It has also diversified its activities to include Trading, Retail, Manufacturing, Real estate and Investments.

 Currently its activities focus mainly on Five strategic business units:

  • The trading unit, which offers stationery, printing supplies and a wide range of FMCG products.
  • The Retail unit, focuses on apparels, cosmetics and accessories.
  •  The manufacturing unit, which manufactures Box files,
  •  The real estate investment unit
  •   The financial investment unit
  • The current scale of the company owes much to the original vision of its founder, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Hamad Al-Hoshan (Chairman of the company). The secret behind the company’s great achievements is the natural outcome of combining three fundamentals and rooting them deep in its organizational culture.

 First, the company believes that its human resources represent an extremely valuable and key asset, one that should be encouraged and developed.

Second, Hoshanco believes in building strong long-term relationships, based on trust and respect, with its business partners and customers. So it places great emphasis on being responsive, moving rapidly to meet customers’ needs and provide suitable solutions to their problems.

Third, the company keeps abreast of – and adopts – the latest information technology and is constantly striving to update and utilize this in its various business activities. Hoshanco Holding was set up to manage the risk of the Hoshanco Group of Companies and to provide financial and management services. Thus it also manages the performance of the Group. Alongside this, it directs the Group Capital.

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